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Real-time Monitoring & Diagnostics

In detail:


The e-DMCR is an innovative, cost-effective, next generation monitoring & protection solution for oil-filled distribution transformers which combines in a single, integrated, compact and solid device:

  • Condition-based Monitoring: real-time, continuous measurement of the most important transformer non-electrical operating parameters: oil temperature, tank pressure, oil level as well as the states of the electromechanical security contacts and switching events;
  • Protection Relay: all the traditional electro-mechanical security functions provided by the Standard DMCR relay remain in place: full compliance with Standard IEC 60076-22-1 / EN 50216-3 is maintained;
  • Data logging, recording and pre-processing: configurable data collection, recording and pre-processing of the non-electrical operating parameters as well as the states of the electromechanical security contacts and alarms;
  • Communication: real-time access through RS485 based connectivity with Modbus RTU protocol.

Digital monitoring of transformer key operating parameters improves transformer reliability, security and availability of key information for maintenance decisions and asset life-cycle management & optimization. e-DMCR provides the same mechanical interfaces as a Standard DMCR. It can therefore be easily fitted on the transformer in the same place as a standard protection relay and only requires an additional 24V power supply for the add-on electronic module.


Through a complete array of digital sensors directly integrated on e-DMCR, the system can provide continuous real-time monitoring of the following key operating non-electrical transformer parameters:

  • Oil Temperature: a Pt100 probe in the thermowell immersed in the transformer tank continuously monitors oil temperature;
  • Oil Level: monitoring of the position of the small float inside the upper part of e-DMCR. This enables to put in place alarms before the lowering of the main float which triggers the Protection Relay;
  • Tank Pressure: a pressure sensor inside e-DMCR continuously monitors the pressure inside the transformer tank;
  • States of the electromechanical security contacts: the switching events of the gas/oil-level and pressure electromechanical contacts is monitored and logged. It is mandatory to use 24VDC voltage on the security contacts.