We Secure Your Energy

IDEF SYSTEMES is certified ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas.

IDEF SYSTEMES thrives to provide in all circumstances the most reliable and highest quality product and service by following strict procedures throughout each step of the product life cycle:


At the validation stage, the DMCR and e-DMCR protection relay has undergone an extensive battery of type-testing in order to ensure the highest level of reliability, solidity and endurance.

The DMCR and e-DMCR relays are designed and exclusively manufactured in France by IDEF SYSTEMES in accordance with the Standard IEC 60076-22-1 / EN 50216-3.

100% testing of all DMCR/e-DMCR

Every single DMCR and e-DMCR relay undergoes routine testing prior to shipment within our manufacturing facility on a specially-engineered and calibrated test bench which reproduces real conditions of use.

Each relay is filled with high temperature transformer oil under a pressure of over 1.0 bar. During this procedure all functions of the relay are extensively verified. In addition, the relay is subject to a complete oil leakage test and the thermostat and pressure switch settings are adjusted according to customer requirements.

Our 100% testing policy is the most efficient procedure to guarantee the highest level of quality and reliability to our customers.

Écran de contrôle du Banc de Test DMCR & e-DMCR IDEF SYSTEMES
DMCR - e-DEMCR • Testing Bench • IDEF SYSTEMS